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Responsive image is a blazing fast search for your site that understands the intent of your users, shows instant results from the first character typed and is optimized for mobile search.


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10x faster than your usual site search

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Improves engagement with visual results

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Syncs in realtime as your content changes

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Recognizes intent with typo tolerance and partial search terms

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Mobile-first design

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One-click install with methi-search wordpress plugin

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HackerPlan $49/mo
1M API calls
48hr e-mail SLA
StartupPlan $199/mo
10M API calls
24hr e-mail SLA
GrowthPlan $799/mo
100M API calls
3hr e-mail SLA
EnterpricePlan $1999/mo
No Caps
Dedicated SLA

Our free plan includes 100k searches and 100mb storage

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